Measurement – Design – Construction

Our awnings urge you to make the most of the outdoors of your home and enjoy them to the fullest. Having extensive experience in the field, we can offer you solutions from a wide range of products. The company 3D Tents undertakes with specialized and experienced technicians the placement of the products it trades!

Our highly trained technician visits you to measure your space and study your system, taking into account all the parameters of the site as well as your personal requirements and needs.

All our products are made to order and can be modified to suit your taste and requirements.


Maintenance managers – After sale services

The company 3D Tents provides a wide range of responsible maintenance services for all the products it markets, such as:

  • Uninstall and reinstall an existing awning

  • Conversions – processing (lengthening – reduction)

  • Installation of automation – electric drive

  • Cleaning – maintenance

  • Safekeeping and storage

We take care of and support you to extend the life and appearance of your tent!


Do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment for a detailed study in your area. Our specialized team will come for an autopsy and will make you the best possible proposal of internal or external shading.

Recent Projects