Tent systems

The art of outdoor life. As soon as the weather starts to improve, the terrace invites us!

The combination of furniture, plants, lighting and accessories creates the perfect environment for lunch, afternoon or relaxation with family and friends. An electric cover is a central element and provides you with sun protection and a comfortable place to enjoy.

Commercial Constructions

The company “3D Tents” after 25 years of successful course stands out in the field of construction of shading systems for its high aesthetics and incomparable quality.

We have professional umbrellas in a wide variety of designs, colors and dimensions, covering every need for shading and at the same time adding to the aesthetics of your business, whether it is a hotel, cafe, restaurant or exhibition stand.

“3D Tents” has products that cover every need of your professional space. Specialized staff comes to your place and suggests the right solutions especially for you.

Professional umbrellas, with high wind resistance, heavy type, ultra heavy type telescopic, square, round or hanging, cover your every need.

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Home Constructions

The company “3D Tents” undertakes any construction which includes iron construction, fabric or plastic for the perfect coverage / shading of special areas.

We work with the largest fabric manufacturers such as Savvas SA, Lambda Leventis, Calbari, Ten Cate, Somfy and Markilux.

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The pergola system is an opening and closing awning that opens in a few minutes, protecting the space it covers from all weather conditions.

It is easily installed from the beginning or in types of existing constructions, allowing even the coverage of spaces with unusual dimensions or shapes (trapezoidal, rhomboid, corners). Designed to protect from the sun’s rays, the system also protects against rain and wind due to its specially polished plastic cloth, allowing rainwater to flow over it without pooling.

The system can be technically and aesthetically placed on existing structures without affecting their architecture. It can also be built in Roman style for those who prefer a high-tech decoration of the space, when they are not interested in protection from the weather. It is ideal for places open to the public such as hotels, restaurants, roof gardens, loft, protecting them completely from all weather conditions.



3D Tents provides you with umbrellas for outdoor housing. Umbrellas are the easy solution for sun protection as they are easy to move, while they are also easy to store as they take up little space.

Umbrellas are the advantageous solution for the outdoor areas of stores, who want flexibility in their equipment and ease of handling, but they are also an excellent solution for their placement in detached houses, creating the appropriate security environment that prevents the sun’s rays, making your yard is an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

Along with the efficient shading they offer, the umbrellas are durable and resist wear and tear with adequate time ensuring long-term use.


The blinds in double glazing & crystals represent the revolution in the system of interior shading with blinds and window blinds.

Placed inside double glazing & crystals, they improve the thermal insulation of the already efficient double glazing & crystals, keep our blinds and window blinds clean as there is no contact with the outside environment, which means avoiding their cleaning and allow you to control the light. As well as improving sound insulation.

For years we have been manufacturing blinds and window blinds in Edipsos and we send blinds and window blinds all over Greece upon orders. For any question you have in the categories blinds and blinds you can call us at +30 2226024113 and +30 2226060643 or send us an e-mail.

Roller blinds

The company 3D Awnings specializes in systems for roller blinds and cooperates with the best companies of mechanisms.

Roller blinds are one of the most common forms of shading for homes and buildings and are offered as a modern alternative to sun protection.

They are discreet, efficient and compact. They are a closed unit, which can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling. Thanks to their small size and discreet design, their boxes are placed in rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Roller systems are designed to offer high performance in a wide range of window sizes, weights and fabric thicknesses. The Roller fabric color palette consists of many choices of colors, patterns and types of fabric.

Choose the roller curtain that suits your space through dozens of combinations of mechanisms and fabrics!

Automation – Motor

With the guarantee of Somfy, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric motors and home and business automation.

Automated home movement offers you comfort and safety. At the same time, it allows you to save money by managing solar energy better.

Because with the push of a button from a distance you can move your awnings simply and quickly.

In addition with the air and sun sensors, the awnings operate automatically, go up in case of strong wind and go down when there is a strong sun, offering you safety and loosening your arms!

Extra advantage: The Awning goes up and down gently, so that the sail is not damaged.

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