The company was founded in 1992 by Sakis Moschopoulos. Soon, due to its unrivaled quality and aesthetics, it was established as one of the best and largest in the field. Both the attention we pay to detail and our high technology have made us synonymous with perfection.

Having been established in the market of Northern Evia, we have managed to implement our projects in Greece and abroad (Austria, Germany) gathering the best brand names of the world market, in terms of fabrics, mechanisms and accessories.

With several decades of experience in application, construction, and installation, we offer quality and modern solutions for the garden, terrace, balcony and all kinds of private and professional space.

While at the same time we deal with the assembly, repair, installation and continuous maintenance of awnings of all types, which are equipped with the most modern and reliable awning automation systems on the market.

3D Tents is committed to delivery
  • Smart benefits for professional and all kinds of constructions

  • Reliable applications with innovative design

  • Special constructions and pergolas

  • Awnings

  • Stable constructions

  • Parking canopies